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How do I build and engage my audience and customer base around my business in 6 months?

We are offering a half-day workshop for individuals/corporate teams where you can learn how to build and engage your audience. We will show you the rules of audience building, the right target group KPI setting and the 5 key customer engagement strategies (incl. implementation approaches). The half-day workshop will consist of the following parts:

  • How to build your audience in 6 months and keep them growing thereafter

  • How to produce the right video formats for your business and brand

  • What are the right Business Targets / KPIs for my business and brand

  • Q&A and specific case study according to workshop participants request

The workshop is in English but can be held in German if requested and will take place in central Zurich/Switzerland or at the clients location/offices.

Contact us for more information: or call/whatsapp us directly

Tina: +41 79 515 37 94 / Rafal: +41 78 863 30 75

We look forward to hearing from you!

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